Published: 2021-04-01

Evolution of facial prosthetics: Conceptual history and biotechnological perspectives

Florent Destruhaut, Jean-Michel Caire, Antoine Dubuc, Philippe Pomar, Christophe Rignon-Bret, Adrien Naveau


Three-dimensional printed immediate surgical obturator before maxillectomy: A pilot study

Mayalen Dartaguiette, Mahmoud Elbashti, Paul Girardeau, Frederic Jacob, Mathieu Laurentjoye, Adrien Naveau


Use of digital technologies in maxillofacial prosthetics in Japan

Mahmoud E. Elbashti, Yuka I. Sumita, Mariko Hattori, Amel Aswehlee, Hisashi Taniguchi


Piezography approach to denture fabrication for a partial glossectomy patient: A clinical report

Shataer Awuti, Tong-Mei Wang, Nina Ariani, Adrien Naveau, Eszter Somogyi-Ganss, Mariko Hattori, Yuka I Sumita


Surface electromyography and mandibular motion recording input in prosthetic rehabilitation of segmental mandibulectomy: The MAC2 protocol

Florent Destruhaut, Christophe Rignon-Bret, Antoine Dubuc, Philippe Pomar, Antonin Hennequin, Jean-Claude Combadazou, Adrien Naveau